Commission Debates Benefits of Public Restrooms

I'm sorry, but do we need to debate this issue?  I am thinking that if you are a human being, you have at one time or another had to use a public restroom.  This issue has been talked about long enough. Put in the bathroom or do not patronize the businesses that don't have one for you to use.

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Comment by Ernest Ewin on July 24, 2011 at 9:28am
Michelle, I hope that we are able to receive input as to what the "users" expectations will be if and when they use the facility. Safe, clean, 24/7? I remember when as a child as we visited La Mesa, El Cajon my mother with the 5 of us- would sometimes have to find a bathroom.. it was always clean and my mother made sure it was for the next user after we left...she would inspect it as we left. We appreciated the kindness of the business....things were different as to what we found when we were in the parks. E
Comment by Deena on July 22, 2011 at 10:36am

Currently there are several public restrooms in the village:

West of Trolley Tracks:
Sanfilippos Pizza, Starbucks, and Readers, Inc.  all have public restrooms.


East of Trolley Tracks:

PorFavor, Reading Room, Regal Bar and Gio's Restaurant all have public restrooms.


As mentioned at the Parking Commission meeting, the Civic Center has numerous restrooms in the new Library and Police Department.


Of course public restrooms would be GREAT in the village!  They are much needed.  But once they are installed -- what then?  Who is going to pay for toilet paper?  cleaning?  repairs?  Who's going to chase away those who mis-use the facility?  It's not a question of IF we need them.  The question is HOW can we maintain them.

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