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Golden Days

I call them golden days, those days that just feel incredibly real and wonderful.  They don't even have to be perfectly happy days, but they have to be days that, I believe, you'd be sorry you took for granted.

Golden days.

I'll be having one on Thursday.  I'll get home from work, take my dog Ben out for a little stroll,  feed him,  sit beside him while he enjoys a bone…


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There's No Such Thing as an Ordinary Day

1.  Today as I drove to work, a man I pass by often actually recognized my car and waved back at me.  And smiled.

 2.  I bought a big bag of Mother's Cookies to take to the nurses and staff at a convalescent hospital where my long time neighbor was staying. They took very good care of her. She returned home today to Grossmont Gardens.

 3.  The clouds in the sky…


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The Pencil Me Inn

I imagine occasionally a place I can go to get away.  Not so much my physical self.  More my mental self.  Just a little getaway where I can smell cookies baking and that wonderful newly polished wood smell.   Where bitty sparkly  little sunbeams find cracks in the…


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The Cupcake Card

One night many years ago, my dad came into the kitchen where I sat drawing at the table.  ( I was staying with my parents for the weekend while I attended the Los Angeles Gift Show at the LA Convention Center.)

He looked at the drawing I was doing as I explained that a buyer at the show had made some suggestions for one of my cards. 

"She said I should change this one."

"I see," he said.  That's all he said.  "I see," and with the kind smile he typically wore, he headed…


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