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One Summer Afternoon

When I was ten years old I made a discovery that has never left me:  words move people.  Even in works of fiction, words are powerful.  

It was summer, a particularly hot day in Whittier, California where I grew up, and it was one of those  perfect days for finding a place in the shade to sit down with a really good book. I decided I'd take the Reader's Digest condensed version of Old Yeller by Fred Gipson and head outside for an afternoon read.

So I poured some…


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The Artist and the Dragonfly Wing

A few months ago, I walked through my office at home on my way out to my car to head down to the commercial district of La Mesa. I own a greeting card company and I write and illustrate all my own work.   A new sewer project up on my hill had brought a symphony of sound and sight to the neighborhood.  Tractors and trucks and bobcats and men in orange vests and hard hats…


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The Cat In The Window

The Cat in the Window

My  next-door neighbor is moving out of her house to Grossmont Gardens. She has lived in her house for 45 years and we have been next-door neighbors for the last 16 of those years. When I moved in next to her on a bright April day, I had a dog named Abe and she had a cat named Foxy.  Over the years , both Abe and Foxy got their wings, and now she has another cat named Peekaboo and I a dog named Ben.   As it does everywhere, life has brought many changes.  But…


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Peanut Butter and Perspective

Recently while shopping for peanut butter in our then being reset Target Store, I found myself unable to find any of the organic smooth kind.  Just organic peanuts and salt.  Nothing else added.

The shelves were kind of empty, because they were expanding the grocery section and hadn't fully stocked the store yet.

As I was searching for my peanut butter,  out of the corner of my eye I saw a young man come riding up toward me in a sporty wheelchair.  At first, because the aisle…


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