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Mt. Helix Park

Star Party at Mt. Helix

LA MESA -- Mt. Helix Park and the San Diego Astronomy Association will be co-hosting the second annual Star Party at Mt. Helix Park on Saturday, May 23. This is a free, family event. …


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Mt. Helix Park

      Photo courtesy of Gary Junker         

Star Party at Mt.…


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La Mesa Church News


Large Crowd Marks 90th Easter Sunrise Service

LA MESA -- For the 90th consecutive year, hundreds of local residents rose early and greeted the Easter sunrise at the top of Mt. Helix. Shuttles brought many of the worshipers to the early morning service, while others made their own pilgrimage by foot up…


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Mt. Helix Events

Fun And Friendship To The Top Again

MT. HELIX -- Once more, friends of Mt. Helix started the year off with a neighborhood walk up to the scenic heights of the historic hilltop. La Mesa photo journalist Gary Junker was there to chronicle the…


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HeART Of Mt. Helix


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Sharing The Heights…


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Heatland Fire & Rescue: Special Report

WARNING: East County Ripe For Wild Fires

LA MESA -- As hundreds of firefighters fought blazes in North County earlier this month -- his own staff and engines among them…


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Mt. Helix Stargazing

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From Here To Eternity Through A Telescope

MT. HELIX -- Last weekends stargazing event high atop…


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Mt. Helix Community Walk

To see this video in HD, full-screen format click here.

A Walk Up Helix With Friends, Family

MT. HELIX -- There is no more delightfully understated event than the annual Grossmont-Mt. Helix Improvement…


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Christmas In The Village

The Holidays Come Alive In La Mesa

LA MESA -- We are just a day away from what all locals know is one of the most enjoyable events held in this Jewel of the Hills each year.

Christmas in the Village, unlike many other civic events, is a…


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La Mesa Wildlife

Soaring About Mt. Helix

MT. HELIX -- Dodging the human pilots who buzz Mt. Helix every Sunday on their flights from Gillespie Field, this avian visitor soared by around cocktail hour and spent some time moving from tree to tree.

There was much discussion of its type, but no conclusion.…


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Crime Watch: Mt. Helix Standoff

Standoff Ends In Apparent Suicide

MT. HELIX -- The Labor Day SWAT standoff that lasted more than 15 hours on Mt. Helix ended early Tuesday morning with the apparent suicide of the gunman.

Just after 2 a.m. the San Diego Sheriff's Department issued a press release declaring the incident over.

According to the Sheriff's statement, a robot was deployed inside the house to check on the suspect.…


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Crime Watch

Gunman Threatened Fiancee, Deputies

Red Cross Called To Aid Evacuees

MT. HELIX -- As the armed standoff on Mt. Helix entered its 10th hour, police began making arrangements with the local Red Cross to provide…


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La Mesa City Council

 New General Plan Grants Lemon Aid 

LA MESA -- City staff worked for years, reviewing growth projections and updating its game plan for managing the inevitable changes that come with that growth. The nearly $500,000 study -- called the General Plan Update -- is intended as a guide to citizens…


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La Mesa Wildlife

Another Bird On A Wire

MT. HELIX -- July 4th Weekend brought another new visitor to a Mt. Helix neighborhood.

Sitting quietly on a high wire, this small, but majestic visitor kept watch for prey on the slopes below one early morning.

Hey birders, can you identify this…


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Earth Day On Mt. Helix


A Cool Earth Day On Mt. Helix

See Video below.

MT. HELIX -- Global warming might have been a discussion point of people at Mt. Helix's Earth Day on Sunday, but there were no signs of warming. Cool temperatures and blustery winds made it a chilly outing this year. Photographer Gary Junker caught the scene. See…


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La Mesa Weather

Solid Water Falls From Skies Over Mt. Helix!

LA MESA -- Well, if you've been heard to use the expression "It'll be a snowy day on Mt. Helix before I . . ." you may need to…


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Caroling On Mt. Helix

 Voices On High Welcome The Holidays

Slideshow by photographer Gary Junker below.

MT. HELIX -- Second only to Christmas In The Village, the annual caroling atop Mt. Helix signals the public start of the holiday season.

Sunday night a crowd, perhaps made a bit…


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La Mesa People

A Real Dog Day Afternoon

MT. HELIX -- In a world often dominated by bad news, every once in a while we are reminded of those things that really matter.

On Sunday on Mt. Helix, it was all about a black German shepherd found dodging cars whizzing by on Lemon Avenue.

David and…


Added by Gina Garcia on November 4, 2012 at 8:30pm — 3 Comments

La Mesa Centennial

Creating A Lasting Legacy Of 2012

LA MESA -- Among the many Centennial activities that have been underway this 100th year in La Mesa's history is one effort that will leave a…


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La Mesa Scenes

Mt. Helix Fauna Has A Name!

MT. HELIX -- We asked the birders of the world to identify this feathered visitor to Mt. Helix and the birders responded. Osprey, baby golden eagle, peregrine falcon, cooper's hawk. And with that variety of answers, we were required to turn to a birding expert to…


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