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Election 2012

 It Looks Like Sterling, Alessio In La Mesa

LA MESA -- With more than 50 percent of the vote counted, Ruth Sterling and Kristine Alessio are retaining their one-two positions to fill the two seats up for grabs on the La Mesa City Council.
Shannon O'Dunn, Patrick Dean and Laura Lothian continue to trail.

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Grossmont Union High School District

Race For Second Still Close For Grossmont

LA MESA -- With more than 60 percent of the votes tallied, the race for the second seat on the district's board is the real competition.

Priscilla Schreiber continues to lead with more than 28 percent of the vote, but Jim Steiringer and incumbent Gary Woods remain less than a percentage point and less than 400 votes apart.

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Election 2012

Precinct Results Coming In; Sterling, Alessio Lead

LA MESA -- Precinct election results are starting to be posted now and Ruth Sterling and Kristine Alessio are retaining their lead for La Mesa City Council seats with  44.7 percent of the vote now counted.

Shannon O'Dunn remains in third place with Patrick Dean and Laura Lothian continuing to trail.

Sterling leads by more than  400 votes (3…


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Predictions do come true

Well over a year ago I spoke with my wife regarding this creature in the White House. We agreed that the voters of this nation (well, what used to be a nation but is rapidly becoming a third world country) were so incredibly stupid that there was little doubt he/it would be re-elected. So, by bribing unions all about the country, by promising everything and delivering nothing, by shouldering with a Governor most of us…


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Election 2012

Sterling, Alessio Showing Early Strength

LA MESA -- The first returns in the 2012 election -- the mail in and absentee ballots -- showed incumbent Ruth Sterling leading the La Mesa City Council race with Kristine Alessio in second place and Shannon O'Dunn running a close third.

The top two vote getters will win four year terms on the council.

While these votes represent only 13 percent of the…


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Election 2012

LA MESA -- Election Day in La Mesa began quietly and has stayed that way. There were no long lines at the polls. Many voters had taken advantage of absentee ballots and those who were voting live moved quickly through most precincts.

In the Village, City Councilman Ernie Ewin, donned his colorful election day shirt (see photo above) and hosted his traditional…


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Crime Watch

Another Purse Snatching At Grossmont Center

GROSSMONT CENTER -- La Mesa police are looking for a man who leaned out of a moving car, grabbed a woman's purse and dragged the mother of two before she was able to release the purse from her arm.

Police said the theft, the third purse…


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Is La Mesa FOR SALE? Ask Laura Lothian!

Election 2012 is almost here. Tomorrow, we the people, will elect from the top of the ticket,, a United States President all the way down to our local city council members. Democracy has fantastic benefits but some important responsibilities as well.

Knowing who is running for elected office and what they stand for takes time and energy. But more important, finding out who’s paying the bills with campaign contributions is a must.  Laura Lothian has been pretty busy in the fund raising…


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Bill Baber asks you to vote on Tuesday.

A strong public education system is vital to our democracy - so is voting.

Voting is a symbol that shows you value our American freedoms.

It shows you care about the future of our nation, our state, and our schools.

I realize a school board election is not as exciting as Obama vs Romney - but it is very important to the 12,000 students of our La Mesa-Spring Valley schools.

Please vote tomorrow, even if you choose another candidate besides me. It is… Continue

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Weekly Crime Report

Distracted Drivers Pay Special Attention!

LA MESA -- November won't be a good month to text and drive in La Mesa. The local police have a special grant to fund extra enforcement of distracted driving violations. Talking on cell-phones and texting will be the main targets. Fair warning…


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On La Mesa: Chris Shea

My Little Store

LA MESA -- It has taken me a few days to change my vocabulary regarding where I work.  For almost twenty years, I worked over in the commercial district of La Mesa.  I always referred to where I work as "my office, "  despite the fact that it was mostly warehouse…


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A Different Take on Fair Trade


         There are a few words such as "fairness" that most of us agree describe proper behavior. It feels good to behave fairly. More than good, being fair even makes us feel a little superior to those who don't think and behave as fairly as we do. Sometimes we go so far as to try to impose our feelings of fairness on those other, less enlightened, people among us. That is what a group of Fair Trade zealots, abetted by the Mayor, is trying to do in La…


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City Council Campaign 2012

 La Mesa Candidates At A Glance

LA MESA -- The City Council race in La Mesa will be one of the most interesting East County elections to watch, with an open seat and five strong candidates with significant roots in the community and consistent engagement in civic issues. has covered this race closely and has profiled each of the candidates. To make it easy to review the choices in…


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Listen to parents, engage our community, support our schools.

My name is Jay Steiger and I am running for the La Mesa Spring Valley School District Board to bring a new voice and new energy to this district.

I am a parent of two children attending schools in this district.  Ever since my youngest child started Kindergarten I have been involved in the classroom and at school.  I have had the privilege of representing parent concerns on the La Mesa Spring Valley School District Budget Study Committee for nearly five years and have been involved…


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La Mesa People

A Real Dog Day Afternoon

MT. HELIX -- In a world often dominated by bad news, every once in a while we are reminded of those things that really matter.

On Sunday on Mt. Helix, it was all about a black German shepherd found dodging cars whizzing by on Lemon Avenue.

David and…


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La Mesa Home Tour

 Strong, Early Turnout For Centennial Tour

LA MESA -- The crowd arrived early for Saturday's Historical Home Tour with trolleys full of customers heading out to see the special homes selected for this special Centennial event.

Leaders of the La Mesa HIstorical Society reported…


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La Mesa Soap Box Derby


Races Adjust Well To New Course

LA MESA -- Once again the Soap Box Derby cars rolled down the road as young racers began amassing the points necessary to get to the national races in Akron. This week's races were run on a slightly adjusted race course which had to adapt to new flared crossings the city installed on Junior High Drive…


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The screams and ravings of desperation?

In his latest and greatest Presidential moments, "He" told a small mob of rabid sycophants to vote because of "REVENGE" and they cheered!  Have you heard of seen anything, ANYTHING "HE" has said or done in months and months apart from deceit, mockery, lies, deception, deflection, racial separation, class warfare, and mugging for cameras? Well? Well?…


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La Mesa City Council

Madrid Says He Will Support 'Fair Trade' Effort

LA MESA -- The two women working to designate La Mesa as a Fair Trade City announced this week that the requirements for that designation only necessitates a declaration from the city's mayor, not a vote of the City Council.

La Mesa Mayor…


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Fairness, honesty and transparency, You betcha!

Hope and Change. There's going to be fairness, honesty and transparency when I am your President. You betcha!

Well, on top of all the other lies, insanity, racial prejudice and complete proof of ineptness, your Messiah and his Chicago Thugocracy are really going for the gold ring. Because anything, ANYTHING is okay for the…


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