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Has the government low balled the debt?

To "low Ball" is to underestimate (read: LIE) a cost thus hoping to make said cost more palatable or acceptable.

.Everyone in the country, well those with at least half a brain, those not constantly ensconced in Facebook or texting other idiots, or those not busy protesting and genning up riots, are aware of the constantly…


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Crime Watch

Armed Robbery Along La Mesa Boulevard

LA MESA -- Police are looking for two men who robbed two pedestrians at gunpoint just after 10 p.m. Wednesday night in the 8100 block of La Mesa Boulevard.

Police said the robbers made off with two purses. The two suspects approached the victims…


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To "Lie" is to present a statement that deviates or perverts the truth. "Lie" - aspersion, calumny, deceit, deception, defamation, dishonesty, disinformation, distortion, evasion, falsification, fraudulence, mendacity, perjury, dupe, falsify, misguide, misrepresent, pervert.  These are amoungst the various definitions of "LIE". Actually, you can take your pick. They all mean the same thing.…


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On La Mesa: Chris Lavin

The Campaign To Rein In Madrid Continues

LA MESA -- La Mesa's long-serving mayor, Art Madrid, was in Sacramento Tuesday evening when his City Council was meeting, but despite the 500 miles it was almost as if Madrid was in the chambers on Allison Avenue.

On a night when there was almost…


Added by Chris Lavin on August 13, 2013 at 10:30pm — 7 Comments

La Mesa City Council

Oktoberfest -- Without Rides -- Gets Council Okay

LA MESA -- The City Council Tuesday night gave another year of blessing to the annual Oktoberfest, issuing a permit for the event that will be changed a bit to address problems in the past few years.

This year's Oktoberfest -- which…


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La Mesa City Council

A Chance For Public Comment On Public Comment

LA MESA -- The La Mesa City Council meets Tuesday for the council's only meeting of August.

Among the items on the agenda is a proposal that could keep the public from waiting so long to be heard at council meetings.

Council member Mark Arapostathis has proposed moving the public comment portion of the meeting to immediately after the public…


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"Because they care"

Your a parent. You and your spouse wrap your lives around your child. You nurture, you provide, you play, you are excited when Santa comes. Birthdays are great because you have spent those extra moments selecting that perfect gift. You are heart broken on the first day of school as you hold their hand and walk them to the very first class. You wait anxiously as the last bell rings and wait to see their laughing face…


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Learn the words, beat the game

Hey, just heard about the newest Immigration scam. "ASYLUM". Yep. Mexican officials are coaching their people now that all they have to do is cry "Asylum" when caught by ICE and our dumb and dumber Homeland Security stooges rush to help them by actually paying for hotel and motel rooms throughout San Diego and the southern border region and preparing to engulf federal courts with these phony "asylum" claims. Not just…


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Who Is Left Holding LMSV $24 Million Bag?

  The La Mesa Citizen Oversight Group strongly advocates that public sector governing bodies practice sound financial management. Among other things that means paying for current services with current revenues. It is far too easy for public officials, when money is tight, to avoid making tough decisions by deferring costs into the future. One instance…


Added by La Mesa Citizen Oversight Group on August 11, 2013 at 9:00pm — 5 Comments

The New Amerikan Way

                                     Remind you of anything?

Remember, elections are again right around the corner. Campaigning is                           an everyday event in the government…

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Living in a climate or fear

Waaaayyyy back in the middle 30's up to and midway through 1945, in Germany and almost all of Europe, everyone literally lived in a climate of fear and anxiety. One never knew when the dreaded Gestapo, the military or the collaborating police forces would suddenly appear or what was about to happen. Even those charged with apprehending "enemies of the state" looked over their shoulders knowing full well they could,…


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La Mesa Arts

Music At The Market

LA MESA -- The City of La Mesa popped up an extra tent at Friday's Farmer's Market and former La Mesan Matti Sand played several hours of music to appreciative shoppers.

Chris Gonzales, who is the city's lead administrator for the market, loved the ambiance Sand…


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The Continuing Saga Of American Hypocrisy In Action.

I had just finished writing yet another opinion piece concerning the black on white bus beating incident when I sat to re-read it for corrections. I realized it was really just a rant and deleted it. As I pondered the event I wondered why the Chief of Police in the jurisdiction was so quick to shout, Huh Uh. No Racism Here. Colours Made No Difference. Hey Everybody. No Racism Here. Now, why do you suppose he did that?…


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La Mesa Kiwanis

Soap Box Derby Winners Will Be Honored Friday

LA MESA -- Local Soap Box Derby winners Brandon Stephenson and Daniel Wood will be special guests at Friday's luncheon meeting of the Kiwanis Club of La Mesa at Nan Couts Cottage, 5045 Memorial Drive in La Mesa. The boys, winners of the stock and…


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La Mesa Arts

A La Mesa Native Returns To Perform

LA MESA -- Since moving to the larger lot on the west side of Spring Street, the La Mesa Farmer's Market has attracted more vendors and customers and this week it is kicking up its entertainment factor a bit too.

Folk Singer Matti Sand, who grew up and…


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La Mesa Business

Dishing Up A New Classy Village Store

LA MESA -- When Frank Dittmer was looking for a location for his new dinnerware store, he considered North Park. Too young, more music…


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Environmental cleanup

And then, on a more eclectic vein, consider "The Goat", capra aegagrus hircus. The Domestic Goat.

Amoungst the earliest…


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La Mesa National Night Out

Residents Enjoy Sharing A Night Of Security

Click here for a full-screen version of video.

LA MESA -- If there is an upside to crime, it is that efforts to combat its effect on La Mesa's neighborhoods…


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A knockdown laughfest!

We just learn that the much vaunted F.B.I. and the questionable - AT BEST - Justice Department HAS FILED CRIMINAL CHARGES against those terrible people that did those terrible things to those four Americans in the Benghazi terror attack. Note that I mockingly call them "those terrible things" because…


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Bulls and china closets

Seems like just about every day a new bombshell explodes over the City of San Diego regarding that jackass Filner. After years of blind eyes being turned, excuses made, coverups perpetrated and mouths kept shut because of personal political agendas and designs, "The Lurker" is finally being displayed for all to see and laugh at on the front pages and televisions screens all over the country! First, its three anonymous women, then a name appears followed by more and…


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