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Lightning, Pestilence, The End

The End of Civilization as we have known it. Walls crumble. Screams fill the air. Airplanes crash from the skies. Banks fail. World allies cringe and reject us. Terrorist fall in laughter and double bomb production. Children weep. Grown men stand and quake. The Horror. The Horror.…


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La Mesa Business

A New Gourmet Concept Sliding Into La Mesa

LA MESA -- Minh Nguyen is a successful, 49-year-old architect with a firm in Carmel Valley and the kind of family history of which…


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Hold The Presses!!

FLASH!!! Hold the presses!!  This just in!!

Today the San Diego City Council once again lived up…


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Music, Memories and Associations

As I sat this morning at my paint station I would pause from time to time to catch a song or a portion of a song that suddenly brought memories, pictures, sounds, smells to my mind. Most times, as I work, I have music in the background. I find that over the years this background music makes me just a bit more productive.  For many, I have noted, background music is merely a distraction. My wife is one of these and I…


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On La Mesa: Chris Shea

Amid The Dog Days of Summer

LA MESA -- I can't see the dog water dish outside my store at Lifesighs Cards.  Well, I can if I get up and walk toward the door, but sitting here at my hostess stand- desk combo, I can't see it.  What I can see, however, and what enables me mostly not to worry if…


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Oktoberfest 2013

Entertainment Will Feature Rock and Rockhausen

LA MESA -- The entertainment lineup for the 2013 Oktoberfest will feature bands ranging from local heroes to distant, Germanic talents.

The La Mesa Chamber of Commerce Thursday announced the bands for the 2013 Beer Garden, which is one of…


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Yesterday, today and ....

Memories Come Flooding Back

This morning I was "thumbing" through my computer and came across a couple of sites that grabbed my interest. Perhaps, those of you…


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La Mesa Business

Cohn's New La Mesa "Bo Beau" Is Hiring

LA MESA -- Progress is moving along quickly at the former Gingham Restaurant location on La Mesa Boulevard where the Cohn Restaurant Group will soon open Bo-beau Kitchen and Garden.

A sign on the door of the restaurant says applications for "all…


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Jerking the rug. What fun!

"Government". How does one define it? On one's point of view I suppose. What is the role of "Government"? There again this depends upon one's point of view, doesnt it. Police cars bear the slogan: "To Protect And Serve". That addresses, from my mind's view, the lion's portion of that role. But, then again, many, what? perhaps more than many?, see government as the Great Teat These shallow and empty types are more than…


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Holding the Bag - There's More

Last week we pointed out that the La Mesa Spring Valley School District has an unfunded liability for retiree health care of almost $24,000,000. That amount of money should have been set aside to pay for promises to provide for health care after retirement - but it was not. We decided, in the interest of fai rness and requested by some taxpayers, to look at two other local…


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Wait for it ... wait for it ... SILENCE!

We are all waiting tensely and impatiently for the riots to begin. Waiting for the electric megaphones. Waiting for the mobs of foaming mouthed WHITE demonstrators demanding justice. Well ... Where are they? Where is everyone? Reporters are all standing about, cameras loaded and ready. What? No riots? No windows smashed? No flags burning? What is going on here. We demand justice. Where is our white Al Sharpton and…


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La Mesa Health Care

Disaster Preparedness Seminar For Seniors Planned

LA MESA -- The Grossmont Healthcare District’s Dr. William C. Herrick Community Health Care Library, 9001 Wakarusa St. in La Mesa, will host a free senior discussion group presentation on “Emergency Preparedness,” from 10 to 11 a.m. on…


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Weekly Crime Report

Prowlers Foiled, But Still At Large

LA MESA -- Another incident of potential burglars foiled by locked doors has police looking for two suspects and warning residents to be on the watch for suspicious behavior.

Case Highlights: On Tuesday August…


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Just a thought

Suddenly one evening my telephone began making a squawk. At first I didnt know what the noise was a searched about the office for the source. Finally, I discovered the phone was making an Amber Alert. I thought to myself that this was a keen idea and applauded "authorities" for quick and effective thinking. I read the alert and discovered a teen aged girl, one Hannah Anderson, had apparently been kidnapped and her…


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And the hypocrisy just goes on and on

I found it humorous and instantly recognized the predictability of of the feigned rage and foaming mouths of Liberals and Socialists over the antics of a rodeo clown wearing a mask depicting their Fuhrer. Days ago, when I first saw the clips of the rodeo event wherein said clown merely stood in the arena with the silly mask and his cowboy hat, and said out loud, "Boy! Here it comes. Another MSNBC event". I smiled,…


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HeART Of Mt. Helix

The Art Within The HeART

MT. HELIX -- The annual gathering of artists, musicians and culinary talent at the top of Mt. Helix always makes for some of the richest scenes.

La Mesa photographer Gary Junker captures the beauty and action of a great evening on the hill.

See slide show…


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HeART Of Mt. Helix

HeART of Mt. Helix Sells Out Again

MT. HELIX -- Caterers and entertainers were once again busy transforming the amphitheater atop Mt. Helix into San Diego's highest nightclub for the annual HeART of Mt. Helix event.

At 4 p.m. a hot band was warming up as caterers put finishing touches…


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Weekly Crime Report

Auto Thefts In The Local Spotlight

LA MESA -- Police have been focusing on auto safety, running speeding details and watching auto theft incidents closely. See case highlights below.

Case Highlights: During January through June of this year, ninety eight (98) vehicles…


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Back To The '50s Car Show

Car Show Humming Right Along

LA MESA -- The weekly Back to the '50s Car Show continued Thursday with a lighter than usual crowd, but still enough to create a pretty nice…


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La Mesa Schools

La Mesa-Spring Valley School District

(Grade "F"... for Failure to Act, Failure to Inform, & Failure to…


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