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The great crumbling of America

Just read an interesting article concerning the demise of the City of Detroit. Like everyone else, I have been aware of this for years. Recently watched a "news" spot concerning this and the citizens that have stood up to take a leading role in the city's semi-preservation. Citizens have joined together to maintain 72 city parks that were scheduled to be closed because they could not be maintained. They cut the grass and perform all the required maintenance to keep…


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A dichotomy of sanity

As totally predicted and totally expected, windows are smashed and fires purposely set whilst minions of racism flaunt their abilities to show the entire planet how incredibly stupid and racist they really are.

Perhaps THE most collectively racist of any group in the nation are the very same ones who scream, Kindergarten-like,…


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La Mesa Public Safety

Large "Live Fire" Drill At Grossmont

GROSSMONT COLLEGE -- Sounds of gunfire and police in battle gear swarming the campus will occur on campus this week as local police hone skills they hope to never use.

A sign of America's violent side, perhaps, but the San Diego Sheriff's Department…


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La Mesa Arts

An Artful Night Along El Cajon Blvd.

See slideshow below.

LA MESA -- The stretch of road that extends between Baltimore Drive, west to the La Mesa City line, is…


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And now the riots will begin!

Well, they did it. An innocent man was tortured and made to stand mutely whilst the Politically Correct mob castigated his life, whilst race baiters screamed their racial hatred, while talking heads on all news outlets grinned, destroyed this man's reputation and life then collect their checks from the networks. Justice was done correctly but now wait for it. The riots will be on all the channels twenty four hours a…


Added by David Stanley on July 13, 2013 at 7:04pm — 3 Comments

Floating in a sea of total insanity

I love Austin, Texas. Austin is perhaps one of the top, oh, three cities in the nation that I love and would certainly consider living there. Boston is outstanding. Really expensive but great. About on a par with San Diego cost wise I would say. But Austin, well, there is just something special about the place for me. If you have seen any of my paintings you will recognize many deal with the Hill Country around…


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La Mesa Arts

Good Arts Choices Abound

LA MESA -- This is a particularly arts filled weekend in La Mesa with a variety of selections from the fine arts to the popular music scene and outdoor concerts.

You can start Saturday afternoon by stopping by the petite but sweet Foothills Porter Hall Gallery…


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Crime Watch

Man Slashed In Face With Knife

LA MESA -- Friday evening police were called to the scene of a stabbing where a victim had received slash wounds to his face.

Police said that at approximately 7:40 p.m. La Mesa Police received a 9-1-1 call of a stabbing that just occurred in the 7400…


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La Mesa Schools

Arts Academy Displays First Program

CLICK HERE for full screen version of video. See classroom scenes in album below.

LA MESA -- All week, the participants in the new La Mesa Arts Academy moved from class to class,…


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Back To The 50's First Night Event

I would say the car community responded to opening night with a VERY LOUD "this is what we've been waiting for"!!!!

The streets were full of Classic cars & Hot rods, and Motorcycles. The spectators were delighted with all the different eating establishments who were staffed and ready to go.…


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Back To The '50s Car Show


Car Show Comes Roaring Back

CLICK HERE for full screen view of video.

LA MESA -- Perhaps vintage car shows are like vintage wines -- they're best if you wait for them, letting them mature.

The Back to the '50s car…


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On La Mesa: Chris Shea

Not All Angels Have Wings

LA MESA -- Not all angels have wings, and not all heroes wear capes.  Some just come to your store and bring you a…


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A question of politically correct expediency

You've been following the George Zimmerman trial.Of course you have. You cant help but follow it. The press has, like all other camera-in-the-court fiascos, gone insane with 24 hour coverage.  You cant go anywhere without hearing about. Everyone has an opinion on the case and most tend to make up facts for the case, not matching anything in real life, as they go along. Why, I watched a woman last evening spewing forth…


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La Mesa Education

The ROI Of An AA At A CC

LA MESA -- Now that college tuition in the US ranges from $46 at a Community College to $2200 per unit of study at a more selective four year university, it's clear that college choice matters greatly when trying to calculate what you get for your tuition fees.  We…


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La Mesa Village News

The Car Show Is Back!

LA MESA -- This Thursday Night the La Mesa Village Merchants Association will be opening the doors to the Village for their 22nd year with the Back To The 50's Classic Cars & Bikes Show.

There will be three areas of entertainment this year starting across the…


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La Mesa City Council

 New General Plan Grants Lemon Aid 

LA MESA -- City staff worked for years, reviewing growth projections and updating its game plan for managing the inevitable changes that come with that growth. The nearly $500,000 study -- called the General Plan Update -- is intended as a guide to citizens…


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La Mesa Politics

Madrid, Ewin Face Off In Public Spat

LA MESA -- A subtle, simmering feud between La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid and City Councilman Ernie Ewin became very public -- and a little bit ugly -- Tuesday.

In a prepared presentation at the start of a regular council meeting, Ewin revealed that Madrid…


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La Mesa Village Development

PBID Lite Comes With Budget Pains

LA MESA -- It was Week II of the new, slimmer Property Based Improvement District planning and the lesson was clear: Less Is Not More.

The team of merchants and property owners trying to come up with a plan acceptable to a majority of Village property…


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art program

Just read about new arts program here in LM. We need to have more right brain activity, not less. Creativity does not just mean drawing a pic.Creativity in a free society is critical.  Midge Hyde Artsit Curator/Director ON the Edge Gallery at BizCenter La Mesa

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La Mesa Schools

La Mesa Arts Academy Gets A Tryout

LA MESA – When, many years from now, someone chronicles the history of the new La Mesa Arts Academy magnet school, they will mark today, July 8, 2013, as its unofficial birthday.

On Monday morning, 60 students and parents gathered in the gymnasium of La…


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